I decided to do a bit of research on tactical voting and discovered that there is a huge amount of research. One article tipped up at 51 pages and much of that was taken up with complex arithmetical formula.

I also discovered that there is a term called “sincere voting” and lots of research (complete with mathematical formulae) on that too.

What did I conclude? There are masses of people who seem to be deluded enough to cast a sincere vote for Lib Dem’s on the basis that they will stop Brexit. They won’t.

There are others who feel compelled to vote Lib Dem, on the basis that it will stop the Tories. It won’t and if there is a choice it will be the Tories with whom they will enter into coalition. I would advise you check their record and think again.


If Labour’s vote falls away, due to tactical voting, who will hear the real desperation for an end to a Labour that echoes rather than carves out a new path?  If the vote does not demonstrate the sincere support for a change of direction then there will be backlash. This may be our last chance to get a Labour party that works for all and does not consign the bottom 30% to electoral isolation.

Secondly voting tactically only really works if you have solid evidence of other people’s voting intentions. With the shock outcomes of TRUMP & BREXIT and even the last Conservative Win [i]  I would say we are not on terra firma.  The biased media and the polls are both misleading. These are invariably owned by the right wing and questions can be framed to skew the outcomes.


It is my very FIRM view that it is both SINCERE & TACTICAL to vote for the Labour Party we are seeing now.  This might be our last chance.

p.s. I should add that I am very conscious that this post is written from an English perspective. It saddens me every day that we in the North of England are also plagued with the imposition of endless Tory Governments which has bedevilled Scotland.  If we could ever have got it together for a progressive alliance of SNP, Greens and Labour I would have been content with that.  I do not regard the Liberal Democrats as progressive elements of our electoral system.